Full Skills Exam Preparatory Course

Full Skills Exam Preparatory Course 

Next Exam: November 4, 2018

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The ICCRC has recently performed an overview of their Full Skills Exam. It is now called the RCIC Entry-to-Practice Exam (RCIC EPE). The 3-hour, 140 multiple choice question exam will be based on knowledge, application of knowledge, and critical thinking skills. The 140 questions will be based on 70 independent questions and 70 scenario-based questions.  

As such, we’re revamping our own 100 questions to reflect these changes, and we're adding nuggets of knowledge and information to our already jam-packed 35-40-hour preparatory course. Be part of the journey with CAPIC, as you get ready to write your RCIC entry-to-practice exam. 


CAPIC is once again pleased to bring the Full Skills Exam prep course to graduating students from ICCRC-approved practitioner courses. This intensive 5-day, 35 to 40-hour course is intended to be a review of relevant legislation and programs, and will end with a 3-hour mock exam. Students will learn and review exam writing tips and should complete the course having been updated on relevant immigration material required for the Full Skills exam.

Sessions will include interactive, lecture style presentations, and example questions. There will be ample time for discussion and questions.

Admission Requirements

Aspiring RCICs must have graduated within the last 3 years from an approved ICCRC college and be at least 18 years of age to attend the Full Skills prep course. Attendees must be a Canadian citizen, Permanent Resident, or Registered (Status) Indian within the meaning of the Indian Act (Canada). The course will be taught in English so it is expected you will understand and participate accordingly. 

Topics to be Covered

  •          Hierarchy of Law and Courts Regarding Constitution and Canadian Charter
  •          Immigration Refugee Protection Act and Regulations
  •          Case Law
  •          Applicable Operation Manuals and Bulletins
  •          Fee Schedules
  •          Temporary – TRV, Super Visa, Visitors, Students, TRP
  •          Workers R 186, R 203, R 204, R205 Caregivers, IEC, Open Work Permits
  •          Permanent Residents – FSW, CEC, FST, Plus Express Entry, Caregivers, TRP Class
  •          Business Class – Self-employed, Start-Up Visa
  •         Family Class – Sponsor, Applicant, and Exceptions
  •         Admissibility: Remedies – TRP, ARC, Rehabilitation, Deemed Rehab
  •          Refugees – Various Divisions and Roles, Rules of Jurisdiction, Time Frames
  •          Eligibility, 96 + 9, 108, Safe 3rd Country
  •         PRRA
  •         Citizenship
  •          Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds
  •          Residency Obligations and PR Cards
  •          PNPS, Quebec Program
  •          ICCRC Code of Professional Conduct with Review on Key Sections – Retainer, Client Account, Ethics, Agents
  •          100 Question Mock Exam + Review


"The notes and presentation materials helped me to answer many questions. The teachers are immigration practitioners in the field, so their knowledge is current and practical. I strongly recommend my classmates who are preparing for the ICCRC exam to take this course" - Alice 

"CAPIC’s Full Skills Exam preparatory course course was very well-prepared, with great new study materials delivered through the convenience of the internet by excellent, experienced immigration law professionals" - Khalid  



Vilma Filici, RCIC

Plus Guest Speakers!


Friday, October 19 - 5pm to 9pm EDT

Saturday, October 20  - 10am to 6pm EDT

Sunday, October 21  - 10am to 6pm EDT


Friday, October 26  - 5pm to 9pm EDT

Saturday, October 27  - 10am to 6pm EDT

Sunday, October 28  - 10am to 6pm EDT 

Tuesday, October 30 (Mock Exam) - 5pm to 9pm EDT


*For webinar attendees, note that these times will change depending on your geographic location.




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