Group Insurance

Through our partnership with The Shepherd Group, our insurance broker, CAPIC members now have access to a full range of group insurance coverage for Health and Dental Plans, as well as on Home and Auto Insurance. These plans are available exclusively to CAPIC members and their families. 

Feel free to contact The Shepherd Group at or call 416.249.1700 x 237 for more information.

Health & Dental 

Expenses like dental care and check-ups, prescription drugs, eyeglasses, hospital accommodations, chiropractor appointments, and more, will now be covered. And because we appreciate the diversity of our membership, you can tailor your plan to fit your specific needs and those of your family.

The plans are available either as Dental only or as both Dental and Health. Each plan can then be customized with higher coverage levels and an increased range of benefits, depending on your needs. 

The premiums for these plans are both affordable and tax deductible (as either a business expense or personal medical expense).

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Home & Auto 

With our Group Home and Auto plan, you can now take advantage of up to 15% savings from your annual premium. Savings like these are just one of the ways that we show our ongoing support for your right to practise. We strongly encourage you to match your specific plan with what is suitable for you and your family.

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