Lexbase is a monthly publication that provides indispensable immigration policy and operational information to enrich your professional knowledge. Featuring summaries of the most recent immigration and citizenship cases, Lexbase has been providing senior immigration practitioners with a “competitive market edge” since 1989.

This essential publication is distributed to the CBSA, the IRCC, provincial immigration authorities, and Canadian overseas immigration staff for training and knowledge purposes, and national media outlets such as the CBC, CTV, Globe and Mail, and Postmedia frequently consult it for immigration stories.

(The information in Lexbase has been obtained through the Access to Information Act and is not available to the public. No reproduction or distribution in whole or in part of any Lexbase material is permitted, without the express written permission of Lexbase).

As you know, information is one of our foundational pillars. That’s why we’re more than happy to offer you access to Lexbase, under our Affinity Program, for $60 per year (or $7 per month, with automated invoicing). The annual subscription is normally $400 per year.

To subscribe, e-mail “Lexbase@canimmigrate.com” with “CAPIC” in the subject line, and provide your Visa/MasterCard credit card number, expiry date, and CAPIC membership number. 

Lexbase arrives mid-month, 11 times a year, with the months of July and August combined into a single summer edition.