Ralph Guerra, RCIC / CRIC

Term Expiry: 2026 AGM
First Term

Ralph Guerra is the youngest son of a local political leader (town mayor) in the Philippines. Due to his family background in politics, he went on to study political science and studied Philippine law after completing his bachelor’s degree. However, due to the dangers associated with Philippine politics, Ralph redirected his interest from politics to teaching and Air Traffic Control, where he worked until 2010. While working for the government as ATC, he was appointed to various posts such as Adjudication Vice-Chairman, Monitoring Board Chairman, and committee member for the drafting and lobbying of the Republic Act No. 9497, otherwise known as the “Civil Aviation Authority Act of the Philippines 2008.”

In May 2010 Ralph and his family immigrated to Canada. During the first few years he worked for various companies before eventually establishing his own businesses. But it was not long until he yearned to study law again, and he went on to study Canadian immigration consulting at Ashton College. Today, Ralph is Managing Director of RNG Immigration Consultancy Ltd in New Westminster, B.C. Apart from his work as an RCIC, Ralph is also actively involved in numerous volunteering projects, which allow him to share his knowledge of Canadian immigration and help abused temporary foreign workers in Canada. He also assists his church in sponsoring refugees from select countries.