Amalsingh Badal, RCIC / CRIC

Term Expiry: 2024 AGM
Third Term

Amal Singh is a member in good standing of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC), a recognized member of the Registre Quebecois des consultants en immigration, an active CAPIC member, and a Commissioner of Oaths (Ontario). He has served the immigration industry for the last four years as an immigration consultant and as owner/manager of his own immigration firm, Lifetime Immigration.

Amal Singh holds an Immigration Consultant Diploma with Honours from Ashton College in BC, a diploma in Management Studies from the University of Mauritius, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration from the University of Surrey in the UK. He is multilingual and can fluently speak, read, and write in English, French, and Hindi.

Amal Singh is enthusiastic and passionate about his profession, meticulous in his work, and highly organized. He is adept at fully utilizing his skills and abilities, and is a strong believer in gathering and sharing expertise and experience with resourcefulness, innovation, and flexibility. Amalsingh is an expert in methods and procedures and in maintaining organizational effectiveness. He can prioritize workloads and coordinate activities or projects according to budget, resources, deadlines, and enterprise requirements within an organization.