According to the section 2.3 of CAPIC’s By-laws,
there are 3 categories of Membership

Registered Members

Voting members in good standing of a body designated by the Minister under IRPA or the Citizenship Act as a regulator of immigration consultants or citizenship consultants.

Associate Members

Non-voting members who are authorized representatives or Regulated International Student Immigration Advisors.

Student Members

Non-voting members who are enrolled in an educational program approved by the regulatory bodies (of authorized representatives) and designated by the minister under the relevant sections of the IRPA as the regulator of immigration consultants.

CAPIC Services



Student ($99)

Regular ($410)

Gold ($640)

Seminar Bundle
Surety Bond
Goodlife Fitness
Member Discount

Member Discount

Free, included with Seminar Bundle

Non-member pricing, no discounts available
Summit Series

Free, included with Seminar Bundle

NCIC & other events
Member Discount

Member Discount

Highest Discount

Non-member pricing, no discounts available
10% rebate on subscription
20% rebate on subscription
20% discount on nominal fees

Membership Fees

CAPIC is an accountable and transparent organization. We make certain that membership funds are properly invested in activities and benefits that serve members and the profession. Membership fees are our major source of funding.

Members benefit from professional development and networking opportunities, information services, and affinity programs, all of which enhance their businesses and professional acumen.

CAPIC offers two subscription levels for Registered and Associate Members. Flexible payment plans are available to meet your needs. To support the future of immigration, we also offer a special, discounted student membership to students and recent graduates who are pursuing professional accreditation.

Regular Member– $410 per annum (Student members pay $99 for this package)

Gold Member– $640 per annum

Received your license within last 2 years?

CAPIC offers new RCICs 50% off regular membership rate for the first three years of membership.
Apply by March 30, 2023 and receive up to 6 months of membership FREE.

In addition to the benefits included in the Regular Membership, Gold Members get access to the following premium benefits:

  • $1.00 Seminar Bundle includes Workshops
  • Highest discount on NCIC conference admission fee
  • EPP (Education Partner Program): 20% discount on all nominal fees
  • MyConsultant: 20% subscription discount. Gold members can try Level 2 or 3 free of charge for three months and one month, respectively
  • IMMeFile: 10% rebate on subscription
  • NEW for 2023 - FREE 5 Sessions Summit Series ($750 value): Obtain high level knowledge on upcoming challenges and opportunities in our industry to level up your skills and to gain competitive leverage.
    Feb. 23 - Session 1: Platform 9 – ATIPS, Chinook, Reconsideration and What next? An all-star cast including Daniel Hirschkorn, Andrew Kolton, Candy Hui Avni, Marfatia, Tammy Lynn Romain (IRCC) and others as we delve into each of these topics!
  • Other benefits, for example, priority for registering for events with limited capacity

Immigration practitioners and students can join CAPIC at any time during the membership year. If your application is not accepted, the membership fee is refundable.

New RCIC discount: 50% for three years on a regular membership (a discount is added automatically at the time you apply based on the license issued date provided on the application).

CAPIC membership is an annual subscription beginning on June 1 and ending on May 31. CAPIC’s automatic billing system will ensure you receive benefits on a continuous basis.

CAPIC Membership fees are not prorated.

Method of Payment

For your convenience, payment can be made online on our fully secure website. Renewals are processed automatically.

To apply, log in to your CAPIC Connect account and select Become Member.

If you do not have an account, you can create one by clicking here.