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IMMeForum is the largest online professional forum in the immigration industry, featuring daily immigration news, case referrals, and guidance from seasoned CAPIC members! Learn about how professionals in this field behave!

New to immigration consulting? Access IMMeForum to network, find job prospects, and mentoring opportunities. Seasoned professional? We want to hear from you, sharpen your coaching and leadership skills by sharing your knowledge and providing guidance to your fellow members!

CAPIC’s IMMeForum advantages:

  • Secure – CAPIC ensures that all your messages are stored on Canadian servers, properly encrypted and protects your privacy under the Canadian Laws. You have a peace of mind that all participants are active Canadian RCICs.
  • Reliable – Largest and diverse discussion group backed by subject matter experts, monitoring the IMMeForum discussion results in a timely manner, and accurate information at your fingerprints 24/7.
  • Coast to coast expertise – CAPIC’s diverse membership base is reflected in IMMeForum participants with a wide area of experience, geographic location, and years of practice.
  • Professional – IMMeForum is your professional community to build confidence without having to make your own mistakes. It is also non-intrusive and customizable compared to WhatsApp and other social media groups.

Member about IMMeForum:

"A year ago, I was looking for a co-counsel on my first H & C application. It was only due to Sarah’s guidance, follow ups, endless feedbacks and knowledge that I felt confident in what I was submitting. And I received approval in principle last week.  I am super happy for my client and glad that I was able to find a mentor like Sarah. I am thankful for the CAPIC Forum as well that made this connection possible."

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