CAPIC Membership Benefits

CAPIC Membership Benefits

Annual Savings

Student Subscription Package (Annual Fee $99+tax)

Regular Subscription Package (Annual Fee $395+tax)

Gold Subscription Package (Annual Fee $610+tax)

Seminar Bundle

Members subscribe at $1 and gain access to over 18 CPD programs and 50 CPDs during the calendar year (both in person and webinar, except for the NCIC)

$1,600 $1,600 $1,920 (upon purchasing the Seminar Bundle, access at no charge to specialized workshop events outside the Seminar Bundle, excluding the NCIC and EPS)

Discount for EPE Prep Course:

Valuable opportunities to refresh your knowledge and learn

$200 $200 $590 (webinar only)

National Citizenship and Immigration Conference (NCIC) Discount

Student and Regular Members get at least 20% discount Gold Members get the highest possible discount on NCIC Admission Fee


An interactive discussion forum where professionals exchange ideas and trade tips, ask questions about laws and regulations

Priceless! But let’s put the value of a simple case at $3,000


Highlights of some of the resources you can find in CAPIC’s incredible resource library:

  • Knowledge Cloud which contains important industry updates and contact information.
  • The Education Corner that keeps archived videos and presentation materials from past seminars.
  • Videos from IRCC that were used to train staff and officers.
  • Minutes of meetings with CAPIC and government, which are conducted regularly throughout the year. These minutes are an invaluable resource that keeps members up-to-date with changes in immigration policy.

Group Insurance Plan

Through our partnership with The Shepherd Group, our insurance broker, CAPIC members now have access to a full range of group insurance coverage for Health and Dental Plans, available exclusively to CAPIC members and their families.

These plans are customizable to meet your needs. Each plan can then be customized with higher coverage levels and an increased range of benefits to suit your needs.

Goodlife Corporate Membership

As an active CAPIC Member, you qualify for GoodLife’s corporate rate at just $24 bi-weekly, or over 40% discount over the standard rate, for a total annual rate of $619. You also gain access to over 250 GoodLife Fitness Clubs across Canada. The corporate rate can be extended to four additional family members. Get fit and have fun!


Education Partner Program:

EPP connects CAPIC members with eligible Designated Learning Institutes (DLIs) across Canada. CAPIC acts as a conduit for these connections, allowing members to recruit international students more easily and earn commission from successful placements. The DLIs pay commission to CAPIC and CAPIC forwards commission in full to eligible members (provided agreements on both sides have been signed). As a non-profit organization, CAPIC does not earn a profit through this program.

As student members do not have authority to practice, the EPP is not available to them. N/A Gold Members get a 20% discount on all nominal fees

Surety Bond Services:

CAPIC has arranged a discounted surety bond service with a reputable agency so members can meet regulatory requirements from Alberta, British Columbia, Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan. The surety bond helps improve your company's cash flow.

N/A Over $20,000

Membership Fee Discount for New Immigration Consultants:

50% Discount as a New Immigration Consultant – If you join us as a student member before receiving your licence, upon receiving your licence as an Immigration Consultant, you get a 50% discount for the first two years toward your Regular Subscription Package.

A total saving of $395 (Over two Membership years N/A N/A