The IMMeJobs platform was initiated by CAPIC to connect our members, who are RCICs, and employers who require someone specializing in immigration and citizenship on board. It is a project free of charge to both participating employers and CAPIC members

RCICs are regulated immigration and citizenship consultants, helping newcomers navigate the Canadian immigration process. CAPIC’s RCIC members receive support for lifelong learning needs with access to exclusive educational events and resources to stay up to date on the changes of the law, regulations, and government policies. As licensed professionals, RCICs must adhere to high educational, professional, and ethical standards to ensure the interests of their clients are protected. They are appropriate candidates to be selected by employers whose scope of business incorporates immigration and citizenship matters.


To participate in IMMeJobs, please click the invitation link here. It will direct you to the web form on the IMMeJobs page. Then, you will be able to place your hiring post on the CAPIC “Members only” portal.


CAPIC Member – Login to your account and click IMMeJobs on your Dashboard to view available positions.

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