The $1 Seminar Bundle for 2023

The Seminar Bundle 2023 is here! What's in it for you:

  • 50 hours of CPD learning
  • Specialized topics to advance your knowledge
  • Case studies to apply your skills
  • Expanded question /answer sessions
  • Levelled seminars geared to various experience levels
  • In person and online access
  • Networking time to connect with colleagues
  • Industry leaders and speakers sharing their expertise
  • Opportunities to learn, engage and be informed

See what's in store for 2023

  • The Role of Regulator and a Session on Ethics
  • Procedural Fairness Letters
  • LMIAs - Part 1 and Part 2 - In depth and interactive
  • Family Class Refusals - What's next and how to avoid!
  • Preparing every single file like it will be refused - Why?
  • A CAPIC Kitchen Part - Atlantic Immigration Program
  • From PR to Citizenship - it is not always a straight line!
  • Understanding Section 40 - Misrepresentation is on the docket!
  • Inadmissibility Part 1 and Part 2 - This you won't want to miss
  • OINP - A starter kit
  • IRB 101 for those who never plan to represent clients before the tribunals!
  • Administrative Law Overview - Fundamentals and basic case law
  • Dissecting Case Law - RAA - reading, analyzing and applying
  • ICT - Case study driven - Specialized knowledge, Managers and more!
  • Start me up - Ready set go! Start Up Visas
  • The Ag streams - It's more than planting seeds!
  • The Trades - Options available
  • Changing policy and updates - What's new!
  • Open Q and A sessions with a panel of peers on a variety of topics
  • Plus more

For our French colleagues, we are echoing some of the same topics, but specific for you we have with 25 CPD hours programming planned!

  • What is a business file and opportunities beyond - French business programs
  • Planning strategy with your clients - Case studies!
  • NOC to Teer - a transition
  • Job offers - Compare and contrast from PEQ to LMIA - Case studies and how to
  • Regulation and Ethics
  • Temporary Resident Permits and Rehabilitation
  • Family class - CSQ and Federal process - From documents to online submission
  • Port of Entry - Are you ready?
  • Quebec portals and navigation

We will leave room for some sessions for changing legalisation and policy so we can be responsive to industry needs as well as yours. Don't be afraid to suggest topics either! If you think you have an amazing idea or maybe you wish to be a presenter, drop a line to

To access the Seminar Bundle 2023, log into CAPIC Connect and visit the Dashboard section. Once your CAPIC Wallet has been verified, you are free to purchase it. Make CAPIC your only stop for CPD programming.

* The 2022 Bundle will no longer be available to purchase after Dec 31, 2022. It will, however cover bundle events until March 14, 2023. We encourage you to purchase the 2023 Bundle so you can avail of all Seminar Bundle events in 2023.

Please Note

  • You must be a CAPIC member in good standing to take advantage of this offer.
  • The 2023 Seminar Bundle provides access to applicable seminars from January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023 (the subscription period), and does not include specialized workshops, special events, the National Citizenship and Immigration Conference, or the Education Partner Symposium.
  • The Seminar Bundle is not retroactive to the preceding subscription period's events and is non-transferable.
  • You must agree to further terms and conditions.

The 2023 Calendar
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Frequently Asked Questions

The Seminar Bundle is an exclusive deal offered annually to access Seminar Bundle CAPIC events. We offer a range of educational events, including a series of educational seminars on a variety of immigration topics.

The Seminar Bundle 2023 package includes over 50 hours of CPD programming. However, it only provides access to Bundle Seminars and does not include specialized workshops, special events, the National Citizenship and Immigration Conference, or the Education Partner Symposium. The Bundle is for 2023 seminars only and is not retroactive.

You must be a CAPIC member to use the Bundle. In order to access or attend a seminar included in the Seminar Bundle 2023, you must register for the event. Upon registration, your Seminar Bundle 2023 coupon is automatically generated and you are not charged for the event. You must register to have an in-person seat or to access the webinar login. Materials are also available via registration. Even with the Seminar Bundle 2023, you must still register for each event if you wish to attend or have access to the materials.

The Seminar Bundle 2023 provides access to applicable seminars from January 1st, 2023 to December 31st, 2023. It does not include workshops, Summit Series, special events, the National Citizenship and Immigration Conference, or the Education Partner Symposium. It does not include events from past bundles or future bundles.

If the seminar is covered by the Seminar Bundle 2023, the discount coupon will apply automatically and the system will not prompt you for payment; the Registration Payment section will show a $0 payment amount. If the system prompts you for payment, it means the event is not covered by the Seminar Bundle 2023. Paid seminar fees are not refundable once payment is confirmed.

No, you do not. If the event has already taken place, you may register for the video and then access it. If you registered for in-person or webinar, you will automatically have access to the video after the event has taken place.

A reminder that if you register for in-person and do not advise CAPIC 72 hours in advance, you will be unable to attend and will be charged a $50.00 administration fee.

When planning events, we take the number of people who have registered into account, and we order light refreshments and beverages accordingly. If we do not receive proper notice for cancellations, costs will increase on a per person basis. If you have registered for in-person and do not cancel 72 hours before the event, your credit charged will be charged. We urge you to be aware of this condition. This policy is for in-person events only and does not apply to webinars.