Dory Jade, Chief Executive Officer

Dory Jade, CAPIC CEO since 2016, is a practised Immigration Consultant of fifteen years. He achieves sound organizational governance through by-laws and policy, working closely with the Board of Directors, senior federal and provincial government officials, and the CAPIC team to strengthen the professional culture and legal framework.

Dory applies his finance, management, and communications knowledge gained while chairing several boards to legal cases, government lobbying, and parliamentary and standing committee procedures. Dory obtained a bachelor’s in communications from the University of Notre Dame and the Chartered Director designation from the Directors College at McMaster University’s De Groote School of Business. He was the keynote speaker at several events, including the Conference Board and the National Citizenship and Immigration Conference. Dory contributed to written articles in national newspapers and was a guest speaker on national radio and TV stations.

Monica O'Brien (RCIC), Education and Stakeholder Engagement Manager

Monica has been practising as an RCIC for 25 years. A CAPIC volunteer since inception, she has served as Ontario chapter chair and as a member of the national board. With a fundamental belief in giving back to the profession, Monica also mentors new consultants. She presently sits on the National Advisory Committee at Queen's University for the graduate diploma in immigration and citizenship law. 

At CAPIC, Monica wears two hats - education manager, driving content and education to meet CPD needs for CAPIC members and a “policy hat” in facilitating stakeholder engagement. Integral to her "hats" are members' ideas, and concerns and she states that her job is only possible with the support of relevant Committees and input from CAPIC members. 

Monica holds both English and Phys. Ed degrees from York university and obtained her immigration diploma from Seneca college. In her spare time, she plays defense on her hockey team and delights in travelling with her spouse and now 20-year-old twins.  Monica lives in Claremont, Ontario, and is a lifelong Habs fan. 

Lucia Haggart, Events Manager

Lucia's passion for people and events led her to a career of program management in the private and non-profit sectors. Her position includes coordinating CAPIC’s many education and other events. Lucia works closely with CAPIC’s staff and local Chapters to ensure all events reach their full potential. With a busy event calendar ahead, Lucia is excited and pleased to bring her experience to CAPIC. Originally from Colombia, Lucia lives in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. Outside work, she enjoys travelling and spending time together with her husband and two kids.

Anna Loginova, Membership Services Manager

Anna Loginova, CAPIC’s Membership Services Manager brings reach experience of aligning members’ expectations and services in the non-for-profit world. Her passions are customer service excellence and using membership data to drive association’s success. Anna feels that an organization’s culture is essential in each employee’s individual success and encourages professionals to check CAPIC’s employment page for opportunities. She describes CAPIC’s culture as an example of democratic structure at work, which focuses on nurture and growth of employees’ talents. Anna enjoys spending her free time with her two kids, Morpheus – her cockapoo, and playing tennis and piano.

Esha Nagpal, Corporate Secretary

Esha is a seasoned corporate secretary with a wealth of experience and expertise in providing secretarial services and governance support to CAPIC, a prominent organization in the non-profit sector. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, she plays a pivotal role in ensuring regulatory compliance and facilitating smooth operations within the company. With her vast experience in holding and leading meetings, she has honed her skills in fostering effective communication and collaboration among stakeholders. 

Beyond her professional endeavors, she finds joy and fulfillment in her personal pursuits of listening to music, dancing and spending quality time with her husband. Together, they enjoy long walks, immersing themselves in nature's beauty and cherishing each other's company.

Lesli Griesbach, HR Coordinator

Lesli provides administrative support throughout CAPIC, focusing primarily on Human Resources and Administration. She comes from a wide background of administrative experience within various industries throughout Canada. Coming from a Military background, Lesli has lived across Canada from the West coast to the East coast as well overseas and in the USA. In her off time, she can be found hiking and exploring trails with her husband and their two dogs. She does photography as a hobby and documents all her explorations with her photos.

Shelly Xu, Accounting Bookkeeper

Shelly is CAPIC’s in-house accounting bookkeeper. With over 10 years of experience in the accounting field, she handles the daily full-cycle accounting work and produces financial and accounting reports for management. Shelly provides support to CAPIC’s Audit and Financial Committee and external audit personnel. Shelly enjoys travelling and spending time with her family.

Christna Stubbs, Communications Coordinator

Christna Stubbs is CAPIC’s Communications Coordinator with a background in writing and rhetoric. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in English studies as well as a Master’s degree in English.

As Communications Coordinator, Christna’s job entails an array of tasks from providing guidance and support to the communications team, editing and proofreading CAPIC submissions, providing support to the Policy, Lobbying, and Audit and Finance committee, assisting the Marketing team with various social media strategies and campaigns, along with other tasks, as needed. Christna is an avid reader, and enjoys baking, travelling with family, and spending time with her dog, Daisy.

HUI ZHANG (RCIC-IRB), Policy and Lobbying Research Coordinator

Hui Zhang is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC-IRB), a lawyer and arbitrator in China, and a Panellist of the Vancouver International Arbitration Centre. She writes law articles on a wide range of Canadian immigration topics. Her book, Canadian Immigration Handbook, which contains all the essentials of Canadian immigration, was released by her publisher in June 2022 and included in the catalogue of some Canadian public libraries. She taught both the Immigration Practitioner Program and the Immigration Consultant Assistant Program. She holds two law degrees, Bachelor of Law, and Master of Law.

At CAPIC, Hui is responsible for legal research for CAPIC’s submissions in furtherance of CAPIC’s advocacy initiatives to fulfill its mission. She is also the columnist of the case law section of the IMMeLegal.

Corbin Peter, Events Coordinator

Corbin Peter is CAPIC’s Events Coordinator with a background and education in Event Planning and Hospitality. Throughout his years within hospitality, Corbin has cultivated a passion for people, events, and crafting superior customer service. At CAPIC he helps plan, schedule, and execute a plethora of seminars and events all while ensuring only the best experience for CAPIC members.

Justina Kewal, Assistant Communications Coordinator

Justina assists the communications team in a variety of tasks, including writing, editing, and distributing timely and engaging content for CAPIC members.  She analyzes immigration-related news for, updates content for the CAPIC website and newsletters, assists in creating materials for members and collaborates with staff on communication related projects to support the overall vision of CAPIC. Justina enjoys reading, scrapbooking and playing piano in her free time.

Fiona Lobo, Marketing Specialist

Fiona is CAPIC’s in-house social media specialist, possessing sound project management and marketing skills and an eye for compelling content. Fiona oversees CAPIC’s presence on its network of social media platforms, curating user-friendly content that fosters engagement and brand visibility, working effectively with other members of the team on SEO, digital marketing campaigns, and branding.

Ziaad Ghantous, Business Development Coordinator

Ziaad Ghantous was born in Beirut, Lebanon, but has lived in Quebec since the early 1970s, growing up in Montreal. He holds a bachelor’s degree in International Business from UQAM. Ziaad became a CAPIC member in 2014 and has been a regulated immigration consultant since 2016. Rapid and sustainable user growth are his true passions, while getting life-changing products into the hands of millions of people is his calling. Empowering a team to do the above provides Ziaad with enormous gratification.

Sophie Mincke, French Coordinator

Sophie Mincke is CAPIC’s French Coordinator. Her job consists of coordinating communications in French, including translation and transcription services. She manages documentation in French and collaborates with the communication team to create content. This includes the creation of material such as newsletters, bulletins, and promotional content.

Sophie is also responsible for providing support to Francophone members, including responding to calls and emails, ensuring clear and consistent communication for all activities.

Rebecca Aikman, English Content Writer

Rebecca is an English Content Writer working on one of Canada's most talented and dedicated teams, CAPIC. She has a Communication Studies degree from the University of Calgary and more than fifteen years of writing experience. Rebecca is also a devoted storyteller and professional creative author with two published books. On the weekend, you can find her doing sports or near the ocean in Vancouver, where her family has lived for four generations.

Tina Batra, News Coordinator

Tina Batra is a News Coordinator for CAPIC and a proud co-host of's weekly YouTube news show. She and her co-host present topics of interest to new and prospective immigration applicants and report about the latest developments in government programs. Tina comes from a Journalism background with experience in TV and Radio news production. Being an immigrant herself, Tina wants to utilise her journalistic skills and personal experiences to keep viewers well informed and educated on different aspects of Immigration. Born in Delhi, India, Tina is a graduate of broadcast journalism at Seneca College, in Toronto. Her passion is to inspire countless people from different communities through storytelling.

Tishina Thompson, News Coordinator

Tishina Thompson has always had a heart for her community and a fearlessness to be a voice to the people. Tishina was born to immigrant parents who migrated to Canada and together built a life for themselves and their two children.

As a Journalism graduate, Tishina has found success as a Fashion Interviewer, a Podcaster and more. Now with great pride, she is the News Coordinator and co-host of Capic's weekly Canadian immigration show - Her goal is to continue to bring impactful news and ensure that all accurate information is clear and easily accessible to the masses