Kim Ly on LMIAs

Kim Ly, RCIC, answers questions about LMIA advertising and process. These original questions were posted on CAPIC’s IMMeForum, where CAPIC members pose questions on a variety of immigration issues. “Solutions” is a support forum for RCICs where they can seek information or knowledge about immigration issues they may not be sure about. Members are reminded as always to do their own research and due diligence as opinions rendered do not constitute legal advice.

We are delighted to take “Solutions” one step further and bring “Ask an Immigration Expert” – a semi-regular column of in-depth answers and video podcasts in which RCICs will answer questions in a more comprehensive format than the forum allows. We hope you enjoy our first edition of “Ask an Immigration Expert.”

Below are some of the questions we received:

  • I have a high wage LMIA in process in the GTA, Canada. It has been posted for more than 30 days on,, and Job bank. They were all free ads. Do the ads need to be paid for?
  • What are the advertising requirements for LMIAs?
  • What is the difference between high wage and low wage and the difference in advertising?
  • What does “median wage” mean and how is it involved in the LMIA advertising process?
  • What are the “must-haves” in an LMIA advertisement? Is the LMIA an employer- or employee-driven process?

Kim’s questions have been posed by RCIC Monica O’Brien, CAPIC’s Education Manager, who herself has more than 20 years of immigration consulting experience.

You’ll see a variety of hosts in the coming months! We hope you enjoy this session!